"I am tearing up with your last paragraph. What a journey. I hope some day to cross through those gates and have my daughter run with me! Congratulations. What a day!"

- Trailmomma


"It always makes me smile when I see a blog post from you. I have been on a blog hiatus, but I still like a small handful of them...this tops. Makes me want to start back up writing..."



"LOL, I love this post! This is how I feel every time I part ways with a pair of my favorite, trustworthy running shoes! But don't worry - you will definitely find a new pair you will fall in love with! Thanks for this wonderful, fun post!"



"Thanks for the race report. I was lying on a cot at Diamond Peak aid station (mile 80), contemplating my first DNF, when you came and went. I remember your "Get it done" attitude when you got up to leave. Your attitude helped me to get up and get it done. Thanks"



"I just stumbled on your blog and was amazed at how easily I choked up when I read your Vermont 100 post. I don't choke up, easily. Congratulations. I look forward to being further inspired by your running adventures."

 - Jaylo


"Great reminder to notice what goes on during the minutes. This is a wonderful blog, very inspirational!"

- Mark


"You inspire me. Absolutely amazing. Congratulations"

- From Ice Cream to Marathon


"Wow - I have tears.. what an angel. I wish everyone who has lost their real reasons for racing could go back in time, and remember the raw honest excitement of what it really means to be there - great post"

- Runningkbomb


"This post also had me laughing pretty hard! I am definitely riding a donkey right now - hoping to get on the horse"

- Chris @ OOMFrunning



"Oh that was a mesmerizing story. I really stopped blinking...while reading it. made me think about several things in my own life"

- Henry 


"Just found your blog today, you write beautifully. Thank you for inspiring me!"

- Alison