Sorry Folks...Park's Closed!

This morning was supposed to be an epic climb in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. Aspen Grove trailhead to San Gorgonio peak via the Fish Creek trail. If I didn’t find any water sources I would turn back at Fish Creek Saddle or Mineshaft Summit, cutting a 20 mile run/hike into eleven or twelve miles.

There was only one problem. The entire wilderness was closed. Woops.

Fortunately I brought my map and figured out a back up route on the fire road 1N05 toward the Pacific Crest Trail, took a left there, then headed toward the Santa Ana River trail where I dropped back down to Big Meadows.

My first thought was the closure was due to the Lake Fire that swept through this entire area in 2015, but it turns out it was due to the Valley Fire 2018, which is reportedly still burning near Forest Falls (I couldn't find an active site for this fire...).

Map of closure...   

Entire San Gorgonio Wilderness Closed. 

The Carnage from the Lake Fire was everywhere...